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Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Favorite LOVE Poems By Saul...

Saul Williams

(because this is how my heart is leaning at present... #Open
The square root of kiss is a hum
I hum under my breath when I contemplate the drum
of your heartbeat
and my heart beats for your breath
I revel in the wind for mere glimpses
I’m tornado over you
would you look into the eye of my storm
I whirlwind through your life like breeze
and fill your lungs
as we achieve the second power of a hum
I love…
as instruments come to life
through breath
the wind sends my high notes to indigo communions
with Coltrane’s Favorite Things
…this is my body which is given for you,
this is my blood which is given for you…
my love like the wind, uncaged
blows time into timeless whirlpools
transfiguring fear and all of its subordinates
(possession, jealousy, fear)
into crumbling dried leaves
my love
is the wind’s slave
and, thus, is free
my love
is the wind that is shaped
as it passes through the lips of earthly vessels
becoming words of wisdom
songs of freedom
or simply hot air
my love
is the wind’s song
if it is up to me, I’ll never die.
if it is up to me, I’ll die tomorrow
one thousand times in an hour and live seven minutes later.
if it is up to me, the sun will never cease to shine
and the moon will never cease to glow
and I’ll dance a million tomorrows
in the sun rays of the moon waves
and bathe in the yesterdays of days to come
ignoring all of my afterthoughts
and preconceived notions
if it is up to me, it is up to me
and thus is my love
the wind is the moon’s imagination wandering
it seeps through cracks
explores the unknown
ripples the grass
my love is my soul’s imagination
how do I love thee?

- from The Seventh Octave - The Early Writings of Saul Stacey Williams

***AND THIS***


I closed my eyes

Although I never knew the difference
I stood before a brighter light
At lesser distance
And then, a feeling.
Almost as if nothing were ever
Bound to repeat itself again.
As if history had been as masterfully created
As the great pyramids
And any attempt to reconstruct
Or relive any given moment
Would have to stem from an understanding
Of how the pyramids were built from the top down.
And if one could understand such majesty
One would also understand that kisses hold codes
For unlocking new portals
And that pyramids were first made of flesh
Our bonded souls shifting
Through hidden corrals and passageways
I will find my way to eternity
Within you...

~ Saul Williams ~

Pining For The One...

My heart and mind,
Body and soul
Are united in chorus
Screaming for you:
My Muse...
My Song...
"My angel, my all, my other self;
My immortal beloved"...

Your touch.
Your kiss.
Your body.
Your love...
Your love.
To touch your love.
And call you home.

Please come soon...


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just A Tiny Note In Time...Just In Case...

Every Now And Then You Meet And Have An Organic And Profound Connection With Someone...

You Have A Conversation That, Not Only Changes Your Energy Entirely, Soothes Your Soul, And Challenges Your Jade, But Also Exceeds Your Expectations In EVERY Conceivable Way...

This Is Someone With Whom You Vibe On Every Level Effortlessly...Spiritually, Emotionally, Intellectually; You Share Values, Perspectives, Depth, And Suddenly You Feel Validated Beyond Belief Just As You Are And A Whole Lot Less Alone In The World...

Especially If You're An "AnOmali"...

Yeah...Today Was A Good Day...

*smiles... ... ...*