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Thursday, November 25, 2004

UNTITLED (Anticipation)

What is it about you
That keeps my mind
From straying too far
From the sound of your voice for long?

What is it about your voice
That calms and excites me
Both soothes and ignites within me
A passion too frightening to explore
Although my fear subsides
Whenever I choose to rest in truth

I am afraid to let my imagination run wild
For fear of disappointment
Yet more afraid of the possibility
That my mind’s eye could be exceeded only by reality

But are you real?
But are you real?
But are you real?

And wondering if I am
Already residing in a place of no return
Unless I allow what is meant
To unfold
To be
To manifest
And incorporate it’s self
Into some fold or facet of destiny
What compelled me to even begin
Was it inevitable?
Or did I just will it into existence
Setting into motion
Unfolding events to match my desires

Do you know me, us, infinitely?
Or am I, in my wanting of fulfillment
So transparent
That you can slip into my fantasy,
Just as easily as I slip into a negligee to fulfill yours?

Your words caress my intellect
And the far reaching parts of me
As if you’ve been reading my journals
Since the age of innocence
As if you’ve anticipated
Prepared and rehearsed for me

And try as I may
I can’t seem to run, or turn, or pause, or hide, or decelerate,
Or move – beyond this place
And I must know what the ending will be…

- Copyright © AnOmali 101 -

Monday, November 08, 2004


If you were here…

I would touch you and hold you and let you cry until all the pain subsides
As I whispered in your ear how I could never allow myself to hurt you like that again
That there is never a reason to let myself go at your expense…never an excuse,
Never any pardon for anger strong enough to damage the sum of what we share.

I would stroke your cheek, play in your hair, kiss your forehead
And try my best make you feel secure in the most insecure moment of us

I would caress your body – and pull you close to me
Squeezing you tight, to make you feel my heart
Skipping beats from the pain I’d caused you

I would not say I love you – because I’d know in this moment
You’d need to feel…and hearing would fall on deaf ears…

So I would stroke you – allow you to place my hands where you desired them most…
Allow you to take whatever you wanted, needed from me
Giving you all…
Without words
Until I cried your tears
And the river of us flowed into the ocean
Until the river of us ran dry…
Until the river of us was reborn from the depths of the Earth
And thus made whole

If you were here – none of this would be…
If you were here – I’d be more like me…
If you were here…
If only you were here…

I’m sorry.

- Copyright © AnOmali 101 -