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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perplexed In Midnight Blue...

I don't know what to do
With what I feel for you
My soul is overwhelmed
By you
Your voice
Your words
Your being...
My heart aches with foreknowledge
Of what is
Of what was
Of what will be
My mind plays both prosecutor and defendant
Both judge and jury
In the fight for control of my thoughts
Of my fears
Of these prevailing forces
Overruling my senses
My common sense
Perpetually reminding me
That reality must be my focus
That nothing exist beyond this moment
That feelings are not cornerstones
Upon which a monument can be built
To stand the test of time
Even in the name of Love...
That time is not on my side
And the miles between
Make even the dream
A mere fantasy
Thus, this inexplicable feeling
Just can't be.

Yet still
I feel
More truth in this other worldly notion
In my soul's emotions
Than in any other truth
Set before me
And I'm left perplexed
Ignited and famished
And without a clue
As to what to do
About the irrational
Way I Feel
Because of