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Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Hand Speak"

I wish I could hear what your hands have to say...
(Because I know you speak with your hands)
Unencumbered by words
When they caress, graze
Hold me with desperate urgency
To touch my soul...
Feel the voice of your unbridaled passion;
Pressed against me
Hear the moans that,
In their utterance,
Offer up coded soliloquy
That only my body can discern
See what hidden message lays in your eyes
As you pour all of yourself into me
Silent un-inhibition;
Without thought, fear
Or premeditation.



I wish we could speak in visceral, spiritual code:
Heart to heart,
Soul to soul,
Breast to breast
Using our mouths only as deliberate instruments
Of the selfless pouring of pleasure;
Of soul saturated soothing and affirmations;
Mute declarations; without pretense;
Without barriers.
I wish I could feel YOU inside of ME
(over, under, and around me)
The way I feel you inside of me, always...
Even when you are beyond my grasp.
Even when the distance
Looms scissors at our difference and
Threatens to cut the ties that bind

Even from behind these walls...

Maybe, just maybe, then, we'd finally arrive
In the same place at the same time.
Open to the same co-created space
In the same timeless moment.
Speaking the same language
Without need for verbiage;
Or interpretation.
Hear, see, feel,
LOVE one another
Without all the noise
In between...

I wish I could hear what your hands have to say...

~ AnOmali ~

This is a draft. A pouring. It lacks finesse, proper punctuation and the dividing of lines by line, stanza; but I hope you can feel what does not read with eloquence...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Desolate Hope...
(And The Justification For Carrying Umbrellas In The Sun)

I would've given you anything
Instead you turned me away
You already had my soul
But said my truth got in the way
I'd have given all my love
My heart, body, soul and mind
But I guess you found me wanting
And unworthy of more time
Thus, I found myself withstanding
The earthquake displaced my heart
And yet still my love is spanning
Oceans deep and miles apart
Wish for parting of the Heavens
That the world would stop it's spin
That my soul would stop it's aching
And this love would not begin
And this love would never end
That this love had never been
This love will never be


Sunday, September 04, 2011


I love you with the whole of my soul...

I love you with surrender.

I love you without ego (in spite of my occasional need to act out for some semblance of control).

I love you with all of me without expectation; even if you don't love me the same.

I no longer have concern for how things appear and I can't worry about tomorrow.

I am compelled to love you, as if it it is my calling. As if every other love was a rehearsal.

So, I'm no longer falling against my will...

I am choosing...