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Thursday, August 09, 2007




What is time?
Is it the Autumn leaves that change,
Or the snow that floats from the sky.

What is time?
Is it the air we breathe,
Or the wings that teach a newborn bird to fly?
Who can tell?
I don't know
Will we change?
Will we grow...

What is time?
Is it eternity in Heaven;
Or just a hope for peace on Earth...
Where's the time...gone...
In the blink of an eye.
But with every blink a pearl,
We live, we learn, we love in time,
We give, we yearn, we grow...In time...
Time for change, it's time to care,
It's not too late, don't despair.
Reach inside your heart to find the joy,
The love to share with all mankind, for we know...
All we have is time...

~ Billy Porter ~


God, please help me not to waste the time you've given me as my greatest gift while here on Earth. I know I don't tend to manage it too wisely...I take each day for granted at moments, procrastinating, thinking there will be another chance to see someone, or to get that chore done, to make that phone call to say "I forgive you" or "I'm sorry" or "I love you"...or to pursue my purpose with more diligence and faith and resilience...

Please embed these words on the template of my heart...and bless Mia Michaels for ministering so profoundly to me on so many deep and personal level unbeknown to her...

I pray this song, this dance, this message blesses everyone. It certainly put a lot of things in perspective for me. We worry about such silly things... We prioritize so backwards...and when it's all said and done, all we truly have is...time...

Lord, thank you for my time...for your time...for time...and help me not to waste or to be a waste of your greatest blessing of all...


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Am NOT Your Pretty Girl...

Ani does it again...speaks my innermost truth and leaves me UTTERLY speechless...


I am not a pretty girl
That is not what I do
I ain't no damsel in distress
And I don't need to be rescued
So put me down punk
Maybe you'd prefer a maiden fair
Isn't there a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere

But it seems like I've got everyone fooled
Every time I say something
They find hard to hear
They chalk it up to MY ANGER

And imagine you're a girl
Just trying to finally come clean
Knowing full well they'd prefer you
Were dirty and smiling

And I am sorry
I am not a maiden fair
And I am not a kitten
Stuck up a tree somewhere

And generally my generation
Wouldn't be caught dead working for the man
And generally I agree with them
Trouble is you gotta have yourself
An alternate plan
And I have earned my disillusionment
I have been working all of my life
And I am a patriot
I have been fighting the good fight
And what if there are no damsels in distress
What if I knew that and I called your bluff?
Don't you think every kitten
Figures out how to get down
Whether or not you ever show up

I am not a pretty girl
I don't want to be a pretty girl
No I want to be more than a pretty girl

~ Ani DiFranco ~