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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Part Deux...

(After Waiting)
(for A.)

i want
to kiss
beneath the charred shells
where the bruises are buried.

i want
to breathe
aloe(d) light into the
airless, sepia prisons
where your skittish heart
chafes and then braces for yet another
graceless goodbye.

i want
to touch
with still fingers
in every seismic place
from which your suffering draws flailing sustenance.

…but most of all,
i want
to be quiet
while the bottomless (sub)text that looms in you
sings to me in every possible language about the breathtaking girl


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Waiting: In Deep Blue-Green

i do not know how you resurrect me
with the honey-oranges of your noonday greetings,
but you do.

sometimes, after you’ve gone,
i watch the space that had just held
delicate fold after fold of you for signs of
preternatural provenance
‘cause nothin’ as yet explains why
naked azure suggests only you.

i walk (timidly) onto that blissful ground where you once were
and allow whatever remains of you there to enclose me
unclosing (plaintively) all of my emerald stained daydreams
of how I could love you, if only you’d let me.

i imagine that I am the air that lovingly caresses the lines
of your perfect nose as you breathe,
leaving gossamer impressions of

i am the fluorescent light as it
etches minor chords on your skin
from every possible angle
coaxing your poignant browns
into the barest of indigo.

I am each stair you and
whose hollowness is extended absolution
by the very fragility of each of
your feet (tiny and remarkable even as they mimic
assonant rhythms of frolicking jade and jasmine).
i imagine each foot, like petals in autumn, quietly folding into itself
finally finding repose along the fleshiest part of my thigh.

i am time.
spilling infinite kisses of maybes along the curve of you back
mining the path to your soul
with lazy midnight tears.

i want you/
to want me.
So i wait.


There are no words to express how deeply this affected and moved me... I am honored. Truly. And, because of these words alone, I now know what my last relationship was missing, what my heart, my soul was missing...and what I would rather die waiting for than to ever live without in love again...