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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Invisible... (aka: Reflection)

(1st Draft...In Progress)

I've Fallen In Love
With Your Words From Afar
And Except For Those Words,
I Don't Know Who You Are

Your Brain Conjures Like
My Soul's Mad Wonderland
Like Invasive White Waves,
You Drift Into My Sand

You Force My Walled Heart
To Face Her Primal Fears
To Throw Out The Old Rules
To Stop Counting In Years

Our Likeness, It Seems
Is Impossible, Yet
You Exists Beyond Dreams
And It Tastes Like Kismet

But Alas You Don't Mimic
My Rich Depth Of View
From This Two Sided Mirror
My Soul Longs To Touch You... / 

(Through This Transparent Wall
Only I Am Askew...)

How I Wish You Could See
What I See...
In Your Mirror,


~ AnOmali ~