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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


(My Latest Finished Musical Creation...Track To Follow...)

(Verse I)
I used to think that I could fly
I even reached up to the sky
Then one by one my dreams they died
There's a thousand reasons why
(Oh) I, I stopped trying
Inside me there's a raging war
'Cause part of my wants so much more
I'm looking for that open door
All I want to do is soar
Outside of these lines

(Pre Chorus)
My fear has kept me bound to indecision
Why am I so afraid of my own vision?

(Chorus I)
What if I
Take the chance
Take the leap
Off this cliff and have faith in this
What if we
Just Believe
That we can have more than we perceive?
What if we
Just believe?
Just believe...

(Verse II)
I have nothing left to lose
Found the faith to light the fuse
Gotta try it win or lose
All I have to do is choose
My own destiny
But, there's a voice inside of me
That says it isn't wise to dream
To accept what I can see
'cause what I want will never be
I'm my own enemy...

(Pre Chorus II)
I've been so afraid of this monster we call time
But I Can't live my life with regret
I guess I'll have to try
Better delayed than denied

( Chorus II - Call & Response)
What if I (never had the faith to try)
Take the chance (luck was never on my side)
Take the leap (but now that it's do or die)
Off this cliff and have faith in this (I'll try to have faith in this)
Dream (but what if I fail again)
What if we (I don't have a back-up plan)
Just Believe (I am trying to pretend)
That we can have more than we perceive (can have more than we perceive)
What if we (I'm trying to believe)
Just believe?
Just believe (believe)

I'll close my eyes 'cause I'm afraid of falling
And what happens if I don't answer this calling
I'll build a bridge out of faith
When the ground gives way under my feet...

(Chorus II)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

God's Imagination...

You think you know what you want...

What you're sure you need...until something...someone comes along and forces you to question everything you've come to believe...challenges everything you think you feel...and shows you that even the best you've experienced is a settlement in comparison to the world of interpersonal wonderment your soul has now been exposed to...could possibly have...should God say so...

It's frightening. Overwhelming. Spending years coming to know yourself and your truth only to be uprooted from it by a chance encounter with someone who you were never even looking for...and an inkling...a gamble...a chance to touch the very nourishment; the complete soul satisfaction that you've longed for...forever...and, in a totally different package and way than you ever dreamed or imagined...


You make me think that everything had purpose. That this improbable trail of impossible tales has led me to the possibility of you. Of Us. Of truth. Truth beyond sight. Truth beyond feeling. Beyond circumstance.

You make me consider a life changing, dream changing, game changing trade and make it feel like the easiest choice in the world... You make me want to hop planes, change lanes, and end up exactly in the same place I was always originally headed on either path, on either side...or both it seems...: Your arms.

You are a truth my heart prays is genuine. Yours is a love my everything craves. You make impossible seem as simple as a choice. To be. To just be. Happy. Safe. Loved.

You terrify me. You satisfy me. You infuriate me. You challenge me. You nourish me. You see me. You might even need me...



What lesson have I stumbled upon in you...

What are you here to teach me?

And will it break my heart...? Me?

Or are you finally the YOU I've waited for my entire life...?

I don't want to miss my blessing looking for my blessing to look like my imagination.

I'd rather my blessing look like my soul's imagination...:

God's imagination.

I'm open...