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Sunday, December 03, 2006


A Conversation Piece

"Don’t punish me for the mistakes of others

Yet you turned around and made those same mistakes

You can believe in what I say

And I did, so it’s my heart that now breaks

I want the same things that you do

So I surrendered, let you make me your own

You are my TwinKin, of this I’m sure

So I abandoned my doubts and gave into your ‘Known’

We’re connected at the core,
We just need to make time to get to know


It’s not convenient anymore,
So now I’ll take back all the love I’ve shown

Baby, You’re everything to me

But only when it 's easy, never work

And “I’m not going anywhere

Guess it’s accountability you shirked

My love for you STILL runs so deep,

So don’t believe my actions, just my words”

“My halting of kindness to you

Does not mean I don’t understand your worth

Times are hard, but we’ll be fine

As long as I accepted scraps with smiles
But scraps said you don’t love me now
And in this journey, you haven’t for miles

I’m sorry that I didn’t know
Midstream I would randomly change my mind.

I’M sorry that you lied to YOU
And now I’VE had to pay the price of TIME

It moved too fast, I couldn’t sustain

Is that why you promised LOVE wouldn’t change?

You deserve someone better then me

Is that how we bail out on 'love' these days?

Maybe we’re just too different

I fucking think I said that once, I swear
But you convinced me otherwise
Now your hypocrisy is lying bare

Maybe we could be ‘something else’

But DAYS ago, you said “let’s make THIS work

Seems you were hiding something false
Somewhere between your water and my Earth

I’m not the one who said let’s end

As if your cruelty left some other choice
And FUCK YOU, I won’t be your friend
For a friend would have felt the pain in my voice

I want someone who doesn’t change
Not in ways that mean they are unstable
And you told me, that you were sure
But promise keeping, I fear you’re not able

We shouldn’t end; I still love you,
Just not enough to put in any work

It’s sad to know, you couldn’t see
That in LOVE only ACTIONS back up WORDS.

I can’t love you, AND work on me

Some shyt you should have spoken from the start
And yet you say it hurts you when
I tell you I don’t trust you with MY heart

You only see things your own way

But I’m the one who lives here on the ground
Your whole life is a fantasy
According to the horoscopes we found…

I’m a bastard; I’m a jerk,
For handling precious you with little care

Apologies, they don’t mean much
Unless they are repentant, said with prayer
I’m sorry means I did you wrong
It does not mean you won’t repeat the act
Repentance says; ‘never again’
You right the wrongs, and honor every pact.

But I can’t give what I once gave

So you expected me to just hang on…
While you treated me with contempt
Your selfish ways left me dangling alone

Why didn’t you just walk away?”

Did you forget the things you shared with ‘speed’?
You said you needed time; I thought
One day the real YOU would come back to me.

They say ‘Love Is A Battlefield”
And I know that this one last thing is true
You should’ve learned to live IN TRUTH
Before uttering words to me like:


- Copyrighted AnOmali 101 -

"If I leave here tomorrow...
Will you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on now...
There's too many things I've yet to see.

And if I stay here with you now...
Things could never be the same
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird you cannot chain

Oh, Lord knows I can't change
Lord knows I can't change
Lord knows I can't change
Lord knows I can't change..."


I loved you well...and you will not forget me...

And you will not replace me...

And one day you will see what was real, and what was not...

And like so many days before...

You'll want to pick up the phone...

Just to repeat back to me the truth(s)...

Of things I told you long ago...

But, by then, I'll be long gone...

Even though my heart wanted to stay...

It's funny how different things can speak to you.

I was watching the end of King Kong as I wrote this...

And this thought came to me so clearly

It was as if it was being spoken to me

Whispered in my ear:

"Anything that we do not understand,

And which we can not control,

We destroy..."

I love you...


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