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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Best Dating Profile I Ever Read...

Because I'm focused, NOT blind, I am always seeking new friends, and am always flattered when someone worthy pays me mind...;)

In attempt to speak to the universe and have you heed its call should it beckon to you.

You live your life boldly, with frequent deep-down belly laughs. Your words are ample; your tongue is lithe, skilled and poised to speak your truth into existence. You say exactly what you mean and your words bond you with the universe. Your desire to be in the right surpasses your want to be right. You know that some times being human is hard, because there are so many humans just being. You are purposeful in your life’s walk, calm and compassionate. You stand flat-footed in your own truths, some spoken, others just understood. You say “please” and “thank you” effortlessly. You stretch out your hand knowing my heart is within reach. Your voice reaches hovels, and speaks life into existence. You are aesthetically pleasing, well-groomed,
svelte, exuding femininity, grace of stature, and are as bodacious as you want to be.

I am the kinetics for all these seemingly potential loves you’ve searched to find, just beyond your current grasp, yet only a keystroke away. Have your soul call out to answer mine. Assuredly, I will listen. I am not cocky or grandiose, just somewhat consumed with knowing you’re out there and confounded in my not having met you as of yet. I am average and extraordinary, fierce and nurturing, loquacious with a reticence that pokes through during moments of self-reflection, assiduous with bouts of silliness. I am a lover of poignant observations and demure flirtations.

We survive on another’s breaths. When we say we’re sorry to one another, it means we
purposefully will never do that again. We are the sugarplums that dance in one another’s heads. We wrestle playfully with one another and hold each other when
silence is the only antidote to our ills. We think before we speak, never shouting when soft words and whispers will suffice. We know vicariously of some of our limitations, but are genuinely surprised in our infinite possibilities. We write our suppositions in pencil and our promises indelibly in ink. We dance in the rain, we clap our hands, and laugh aloud, we are what we are, not what we were or who we’ve yet to become. We don’t make dates with each other, we make time for one another, we make room, and we make awe(some) memories.

I simply aspire to meet you, for the possibility of us.

(Now how dope was that???)


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