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Saturday, September 03, 2016

...On Being Single, Christian, And Female Over 30 In 2016...

#THIS Article (Link Above) Is As Real As It Gets...

We Were Made To Be Coupled, And There Isn't A Flaw In Knowing That A Huge Portion Of Your Destiny Is Attached To The Mate That God's Chosen For You In His Perfect Will - And, Even A Permissive Will Partner Might Be More Desirable Than An Eternity Of Singleness Some Days... Yet, For The Single Amongst Us - The "Church" Is Negligent...

Being Single Doesn't Mean You're Not Ready Or Not Whole... Some Of You Couples Just Settled Rather Than Being Alone While We Continue To Ready Ourselves For Someone Who's Face We've Never Seen (And, That's Called #Faith). And--The Not Settling - That Proves Both #SelfLoveMastery, #Wholeness And #Readiness... #RealTalk


PS: Here Is A Poignant Response To This Article:


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